Shira Microvascular Combo Pack

The combo pack offers approximator clamp which can be autoclaved in an autoclave box. An applicator is used to hold the Shira Clamps.

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Shira Clamps’ unique 3 jaw design provides eversion of the vessel lumen while anastomosing.
Shira Clamps offer the following clinical advantages:
(1) Keeps vessel lumen visible, improves posterior wall visibility
(2) Reduces chances of erroneous backwall sutures
(3) Eliminates need to flip the clamp in tight spaces
(4) Reduces need for skilled assistance

Shira approximator clamps are available in following different sizes:

Vessel diameterClamp size
0.6-1.5 mm2-AA (Artery type)
2-VV (Vein type)
1.0-2.25 mm3-AA (Artery type)
3-VV (Vein type)
1.5-3.5 mmHDD

The round shaped, pocket sized clamp box is easy to carry and can also be used for sterilization of clamps.

High quality Applicator is used to hold Microvascular clamp during surgery.

Additional information

Weight0.035 kg
Clamp Size

2AA, 2VV, 3AA, 3VV, HDD


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