Gandhian Young Technological Innovation Award 2016

13th March 2016.
Anand Parikh of Engineering Design department (IIT-Madras) won the Gandhian Young Technological Innovation Award (GYTI-2016) for developing NStomoz – A patented anastomotic assist device to enable surgeons of all specialties to perform anastomosis faster, safer and with an easier learning curve, The three key challenges in vascular Anastomosis. He was guided by Prof. Venkatesh Balasubramanian and Dr. V. B. Narayanamurthy.
Connecting Vascular Tissues Is A Common Practice In Many Fields Of Surgeries. For The Tissue To Survive, Its Donor Vessels Need To Be Connected To The Corresponding Recipient Blood Vessels. This Process Is Known As Vascular Anastomosis.
2393 nominees participated from across India in this competition, of which NStomoz was chosen among the top 5 socially relevant technical innovations.

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