About Shira Clamp

19th July 2018.
Background of the innovation
An estimated 1,00,000 limbs in India are amputated every year due to lack of access to highly skilled surgeons who can perform microvascular surgery. Microvascular procedures involve surgical coupling of blood vessels less than 3mm in diameter. There are roughly 1400 surgeons in India who actively perform these specialized procedures of blood-vessel repair, and are present mostly in large cities.
Shira MedTech aims to ​make microvascular surgery available beyond major cities to save preventable amputations.
Gaining proficiency in blood-vessel repair, clinically known as Microvascular Anastomosis, requires junior surgeons to go through a steep learning curve. Owing to road traffic accidents and cancer, a surge in the deman for microvascular surgeons is expected worldwide over the next decade.
Currently, vascular clamps are used for occluding the blood flow and approximating vessel ends to facilitate the suturing process for vessel coupling. Such occlusion leads to collapsed vessel-ends, increased tissue manipulation, and consequently, high level of dexterity.
About Shira Clamp
Shira Clamp is a thumb-nail sized surgical-assist device which can reduce the skill gap for blood-vessel repair surgeries. Inspired by suspension bridges, Shira Clamp holds the vessel-ends open and provides a clear visual access of the suture site to surgeons while reducing the amount of tissue manipulation required.
Shira Clamp makes anastomosis easier, faster and more dependable than the traditional technique, causing lesser stress on surgeons and less expense for patients.
Therefore, Shira Clamp can potentially enable more surgeons to perform difficult surgeries, and in turn, help reduce the number of preventable amputations in small towns in India. 

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